There are events, circumstances and occasions for what it is extremely useful to rely on our car rental services with driver.

Services for diplomatic delegations

For official meetings, it is important to know the rules of diplomatic etiquette: how to drive or meet a guest, in which cases you should be escorted by the police in which cases the police escort is required. Our drivers have the necessary experience to deal with these services. We are in possession of all the documents and authorizations necessary to provide chauffeur-driven rental services to diplomatic delegations on an official visit to Naples.


International exhibitions and fairs

During these events it is not always easy to move around the city with comfort, especially if your agenda requires continuous travel from one end of Naples to the other. If you book a rental car with us, we can communicate in advance how long it takes to reach the meeting place. To obtain an entry permit for special sites, we can provide the license plate number in advance.


Cultural and artistic tours

Naples, Pompeii, Sorrento, the spectacular Amalfi Coast, are just some of the most famous attractions close to Naples which, between a business meeting and another, or at the end of a meeting or a conference, thanks to our careful service car rental with driver, you can visit accompanied, in maximum comfort, aboard an elegant Mercedes sedan.


Shopping and Services for Media

Renting a car with us is the most comfortable way to spend your free time in Naples and surroundings: you can leave your purchases in the car and the driver will take them to the hotel, while you are free to think about your commitments. For years we have been dealing with logistical support to national and foreign TV and press for both journalistic and television services with international VIPs, guaranteeing security, confidentiality and punctuality.


Organization of congresses, wedding ceremonies

You can inform us in advance about how you want the event to take place and about the possible surprises to be reserved for guests during meetings or special ceremonies. We guarantee that everything will take place according to your plans.



You will be accompanied comfortably to your hotel or any other destination you want by one of our drivers, all expert professionals who guarantee safe and careful driving. It is the concern of the drivers to inquire in advance about traffic conditions and any traffic jams.